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Originally Posted by M3speed View Post
bla bla bla bla bla...go hug a tree!

people that were down there deserved what they got! period! if you knew what was going on down there why even be there??

i knew better than to go downtown during the G20!

it's all cry baby complaints now from people over police misconduct during the G20!! whatever!

if people weren't down there in the first place, this wouldn't be an issue!

i'm sick and tired of all the cry babies!

and you with your say that but i'm sure you were really down there protesting and fighting for your cause!! most likely were "speaking up" while sitting on your couch at home but on a forum feel like a hero for speaking your mind about an issue you weren't even involved in! whatever!

Ya, might as well give the police free reign to do whatever they want anyway. CAnt beat them, join them.. amiright?

walking home from work, getting assualted/harassed by the police. Guess u shouldn't go to work either.

I also like the up take of police drama... so many police shows on TV nowadays.... its a form of indoctrination.. get us to love the PIGS. Pretty soon its going to be Nazi germany.. where your neighbors will be calling the Pigs on you when you dont have a copy of mein kempf.. Its a sad reality.

The problem is the sheeple out number those with the brains. They always did. Why do u think Nazi germany started, or Stalins regime??? Lock up and kill the intellects, and let the sheeple run the show.

Oh dont worry M3 speed, pretty soon there will be no unions sticking up for you at work. Pretty soon the corporations will be working hand in hand with the government to have you enslaved at work for lower wages and more production efficiency. And pretty soon, our freedom to say whateever we want on the internet will be gone too.. just go look atwhats happening in the USA with all these bills being passed for net neutrality.

its all tin foil hat theory though... .amiright?

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