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Lowering 2007 550i suspension - springs

Hi there,

I am getting new wheels for my 2007 550i to replace the stock 17 inch rims - which I just turned into my winter wheels.

I plan to get summer configuration:

front - 245/35-19 inch rim
rear - 275/30-19 inch rim

I want to lower the suspension as well since my car does not have the sports package suspension.

I found H&R Springs with these specs:

Sport Spring E60 w/o self-leveling which should lower the car about 1.2-3 inches

however, I believe my suspension is self-leveling (e60) - unless I am mistaken.

My questions are:

1. What spring manufactorers and type would you recommend
2. Can I go without the self-leveling option? Is is better to keep the self-leveling suspension? Are there springs compatible with self-leveling suspension?
3. Could I use M5 2006 or 2008 springs?

Clearly, I am not an expert at all on what is the best way to lower my car, I don't want super racer springs, merely an improved suspension that would lower my car 1-1.5 inches and inmprove the handling a bit. Will I need to replace the sway bar as well?

Any help is much appreciated.

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