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Well, I finished officially today (still not skinned yet). I've lost my voice and have the flu so I'll be super brief and post some (poor quality) teaser pics now.


- Worked great last night when I finished install at 3am. No sound today (pissed me off going to work and back). Worked fine yesterday. Tapped acc power to power ant pin on factory harness. Yeah, power ant. Nothing else would turn the amp on.

- F*********** OEM radio bracket. The forums make it look easy. You MUST remove both wood trim pieces to be able to unscrew it. Cool. Then you pull back the dash to get it out. Yeah right. After 30 minutes of trying and losing the CD door springs a few times, I just end up breaking the left side of the radio bracket and forcing it out. Why? There is just no F******** way you'll be able to get that bracket back in easily. With the effort required, you might as well leave the radio with the new owner if you sell. If totaled, you don't need to put the bracket back any way...

- Longer screws for nav mount. The ones they gave are way short. The forums do tell you this and given I do R/C, I've got plenty of long machine screws that work.

- IGO8 (nav) folder is called IGO8. and couldn't for the life of me be accessed in Windows XP, 7, Mac OS or anything else OTHER than the WinCE Nav. I ended up putting Total Commander CE on the SD card and renaming it ON the nav itself to IGO8. THEN I could add maps, nav program skins, etc.

- No NA maps. Downloaded Canada and US to the included 2GB card no problem. 2GB is plenty enough as remember you probably won't be DRIVING to the far corners of the States anyway. This isn't a portable GPS.

- GPS antenna works great mounted behind the nav itself, funny enough

- Extended MID wires to glovebox but that's it. If I need the MID to reprog the high cluster I'll plug it in.

- Steering wheel controls work. I didn't have phone and R/T button functioning (no car kit or OEM nav) but they work now! Wahoo!

- CD Changer WORKS! All the posts say it doesn't but it controls my OEM trunk changer JUST FINE.


That's probably it. I must have spent about 4 hours non-consecutive getting it right.

By the way the BMW roundel is right. I didn't bother adjusting the exposure to compensate so it looks like a white circle. Ha. Maybe some day pics tomorrow.




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