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^^I got DDM M3 moldings brand new. I heard mixed reviews about quality but thought what the Hell, they're cheap enough. One side fits perfectly but on the other side, as I mentioned, there has been bodywork done in the past. I can tell because you can see the cheese under the paint at the edges of the holes. The work done is far from a hack job, but it's kinda like taping drywall - you can't tell visually, but the presence of cheese raises the overall depth of the groove in which the clips sit just enough that they won't snap in like they're supposed to in some spots. Know what I mean?

I thought of possibly grinding down parts of the molding itself to allow it to come closer to the body, but it's probably just easier to use the tape. I found a few places that have it, but would still like to hear some reviews if anyone has experience with it
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