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Originally Posted by fishtar View Post
the camshafts are m3... Anyways, Couldn't I just bolt on the seatbelt bucket to the seat or the shell of the car itself? And what is the heater box assembly. As in, what does it do? I know that there is a fan I have to manually turn on and it's an engine fan.. would that be it? Lights work window wipers work windows etc... 3 sets of tires came with it, all have tread. brakes are good.
Are you sure the camshafts are? Because they guy said at first it was 'the cam gears' that were M3 so clearly he didn't have any idea of what he was talking about.

Sure you can bolt the seatbelt bucket to the floor or whatever, but doesn't mean is safe.

Heater box assembly. Where your heater core, fan etc etc all sit. Notice that huge gaping hole under the dash into the engine compartment...

As for the manual engine fan, that's a bunch of crap. The car doesn't even have a coolant temp gauge hooked up, so how do you know what good it does? It could be overheating right in front of you and you wouldn't even know... That fact alone told me the guy who was selling it was a bit of a space cadet.

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