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HELP! make 328i Road legal!!

Hi guys,

Recently I bought a E36 318i with a bunch of mods. The ownership says 318i, 4 door, but the engine is from a 328i, and there are many M3 parts in it. It is basically a 318i shell, with a 328i motor, and M3 everything else.

Killer part here: It's not road legal

It has no interior... No backseat, no door covers, no anything. It has 2 racing seats in the front, a steering wheel (no airbag), and a shifter. The racing seats have no seatbelts (thinking of either racing harness, which must be road legal, or normal seatbelts).
I was hoping you guys could tell me what I need to make this barely road legal.
It also has no catalytic converters and I know I need to put some on for the e-test.
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