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Arrow SIU: no police wrong doing at G20 -woman arbitrarily arrested/assaulted Ottawa.

Also: head of rcmp calls for civilian oversight of rcmp!


SIU clears officers in G20 probe

nov 26

The Star recently ran a series of investigative reports examining a lack of results and accountability for police officers probed by the SIU over two decades. The series, “Above the Law,” found evidence that Ontario’s criminal justice system heavily favours police and concluded that officers are often treated far differently than civilians when accused of shooting, beating and running over and killing people[/



Video of Strip search of Ottawa woman ‘troubling,’ McGuinty says

OTTAWA—Premier Dalton McGuinty says he is shaken by accounts of a video showing Ottawa police strip-searching an Ottawa woman while male officers held her down.

“I must say what I have heard is very, very troubling,” McGuinty said Friday said of the video, which even Police Chief Vern White has acknowledged will shock Ottawa residents

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Ottawa officer who struck Bonds in separate case of prisoner abuse

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RCMP boss says force needs civilian oversight

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