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explaining room was gross

Ok some punchlines..


Muslim women to self check instead of TSA, Per the TSA's own policy

INGRAHAM: But, you know, the idea though that members of the Muslim community should be able to pat themselves down, this is a CAIR language. I'm reading from CAIR's own language. I mean, how do you pat yourself down?

BILLOO: That's specific only to the head. Laura, that's specific only to the bulky headwear clothing.

INGRAHAM: Well, why should you be allowed? If I had a bulky headscarf on, I wouldn't be able to pat myself down.

BILLOO: No, no, no, of course. And that's not -- and again, that's not specifically a CAIR line. That's a TSA policy, that when someone goes through…


INGRAHAM: Well, it's a stupid policy.

BILLOO: …they are permitted to pat your head down. And they watch you do it and then they swab your hands.

INGRAHAM: Well, OK, I have a question. This is going to seem really odd. When you go through screening and you are in your full hijab and your, you know, your robe -- I'm not sure what you call the thing around your neck. But you're going through TSA.

BILLOO: Right.

INGRAHAM: Do they make you take -- do you take everything off through the X-ray machine? Or no, they don't make you take it?

BILLOO: I take my shoes off, I take jackets off. I mean, I go through the same process everyone else does. The only thing that stays on is a headscarf.

INGRAHAM: Right. But I'm just asking because I don't know; I've never seen it. Do they make you take your neck covering off? You have to take all of it off, the headscarf off?

BILLOO: No. So, if the neck covering is attached to the headscarf, it stays on. And if that, you know, if that gets me to secondary screening, then I have the right, per TSA's policies, to pat my own head down under their supervision.

U.S military in a war zone barred from pat frisking children!? 1:26


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