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Originally Posted by mhamouda View Post
when i first lower my car, i hit a crv going opposite direction on hurontario,
we both werent going fast, now becuase i was that low, i only dented the bottom on thier license plate, my car went right under theirs, and mine just the nose panel broke and the signal broke, 100$ worth damage and the CRV had 0$ damage.
where if my car was stock height, i wouldve been looking for another one now

this is where a low car comes to safety!
LOL and you dont see whats wrong here?

you contradicting yourself.

you state you were both going slow. then you state if you were stock height you would be looking for a new car. how is that possible? at slow speeds you wouldnt be causing significant damage to the frame. at most the rad support damage.

secondly you were lucky this time. let me show you how you could have potentially died and caused severe or even death to the other occupants.

had you been going 100km/h on the highway and you rear ended that crv your entire front end would have went under the car like a snow showel and the hood could have potential slid into the cabin from breaking off the hinges and sliced your head off. Or better yet you could have a crv for a new roof.

the other car could have been picked up like a scoop of snow and when both cars came to a full stop it could have slid back off and go out of control into another vehicle.
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