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Lowering your car(properly with good equipment...not cut springs) isnt illegal. I remember when mto was doing these stupid stings. just a pure cash grab. bottom line. Has nothing to do with pedestrian safety LOL LOL LOL.

thank goodness they ahve gone back to looking at semi trucks etc...a lot of those are horrible horrible horrible...and they are on the road so much...ya those need to be getting checked.

as for how to deal with cops and free man business. Ive read up on it. Its all stupid legalese lingo crap. YOu really have to know how to talk/ what to say....adn if you get into a hole they wont make it easy for you to dance around it....and in some cases they will just flat out say f-u and screw you over no matter what you say. Majority of cops dont even know about that stuff and think they have complete authority to do whatever they want....

bottom line for that is, most of us are screwed regardless. Its sad, shitty system of lies.
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