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Originally Posted by hockeyfan27 View Post
I've read up on this, watched the you-tube videos, etc...

I'm curious if you've ever sucessfully avoided a ticket, personally, after being pulled over while driving an unplated car, without insurance or a drivers licence?
NOPE, I haven't yet. That day will be coming soon.But first I need my Notice of Understanding and Intent and Claim of Right to be Notarized. When it is finalized.And I am declared sovereign. I am not going to be unprepared, and I am not going to taunt them.I know it is going to happen.I will have the power of law. I will engage in all my legal and lawful common law rights. I will be prepared. That !#$% UGLY PLATE on the front comes off asap. I got insurance,plates, license. that shit is just the tip of the ice berg.I'll always have some form of insurance that just good financial sense,but HOW many acts or statutes are there??? Think about it. I want to see their faces when my name gets run thru CPEC and it tells them to call the attorney general.Sovereign Status
Don't worry when that day arrives I'll let you know.It will be a day when true freedom will be realized.I know alot will think I am pissing in the wind.Whatever.
are you a sovereign yet??
There are two kinds of drivers out there.BMW drivers and all the !@#$% Rest. U want to catch a bimmer ,u better have a bimmer.

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