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I have my E39 worked on my Assured Automotive on Eastern Ave and was very pleased. They have repainted both bumpers and a fender. Paint match has been perfect. I am having my hood replaced today and Prochilo Bros. on Greenwood is doing it, should pick up the car later today.

locally i would bring my vehicles to assured very clean shop and they deff do good work.

for the love of god stay away from laird autobody. i cannot believe what i saw the other day my nieghbours car got into a minor fenderbender. new bumper and hood the hood is a nightmare deep sanding marks so uneven, orangepeel and there was a big scratch in the hood that they just filled with a paint pen and NEVER wet sanded it it's a bloody joke he had them do some small touchup on the trunk and pillar they just sprayed some colour over it no clear nothing didnt even sand it now it's all faded and if you rub your finger on the black paint come off....un believable i will be putting up a warning thread about this soon
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