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Originally Posted by iverson03tj View Post
Im pretty noodish when it comes to mechanics, but how hard would you saying installing a water temp, oil temp and oil pres gauge be, wth sending units, and where do you place all the units... is there alot of modification needed to be do also i got a ait to fuel mix gauge but i need the wideband sensor... where would be the cheapes to buy one?
Well I'll state my case and where I'm putting the sending units.

The Oil Temp and Pressure senders will be located in an Oil Distribution block from bimmerworld. It connects to the back of my Oil Filter housing from the Euro M3 which allows me to run a cooler as well.

But you can use the same oil distribution block with a US style filter housing as well.

As for the water temp. I'm not 100% on how I'm going to do this. I brought home some plugs for the head where the lines run to the throttle body. Going to make an attempt at drilling those out and tapping them to 1/8-27 NPT which is the correct thread for the VDO and most aftermarket senders.

And I don't know anything about Air/Fuel gauges

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