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Thanks Mike!

Got some more welding done today. I have come to the conclusion I hate welding. Mainly because I suck at it lol. I have a hard time patching these pieces together yet I can weld up one of those molding holes like its nothing! Weird. Anywho, pics from today:

Didn't feel like welding right away, so I started to hack off the paint that I started to scrape off on the weekend. Once that was done, I had to turn my attention to the trim holes that had to be welded up. Grinded them down, sanded the entire area to get it all smoothish.

I'm getting good at these! Got the whole door left though!

Mixed some filler and slopped it on

Now for that valance corner... ugh. I bent another piece for the straight bit, about 3 or so inches wide... but I knew the corner would be a challenge. With a bit of chopping, and banging away, I got something that resembles the bottom corner.

And all welded in, just a few extra welds to cover some holes I missed the first time. Looks alright, and matches the left side well I think!

Tomorrow its grinding and filling up the rear end panel so I can finally paint!!

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