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Originally Posted by Quack View Post
you really don't know how to use a BB, I can read BBM without the other person knowing, it's very easy, and after reading it it will still say unread, I use my BB as a music player as well & movie player to, my BB can play DivX, can't say the same about your iPhone, I can also transfer music & movies onto my phone by just click, drag & drop, don't need to convert anything or use iTunes(which I really hate), also the external speaker on any iPhone product is horrible, it's like half the volume(if that) of a BB, people are always trying to show me these fancy videos on their iPhone, but you can't hear anything with the external speaker.
i know if you didnt click on the message it wouldnt show as received but if you didnt already have that convo open you cant read the full message if its beyond a couple of words long

this debate could rage on for days bb was not for me with the shitty cam crappy web browser, lacking in apps, and no ipod (itunes is prob the easiest program to use, but i am a mac user so maybe thats why)
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