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Well... so... fail! Hardener sucked nut.... by almost 24 hours later it was still tacky. I wasn't a happy camper. Went to buy new hardener and so far so good. I only did a small section this time instead of wasting a load of filler. I'll be sanding the crap out of it tomorrow.

Also gave the roof a scuff and layed down another layer of paint. It definitely has more depth than the last time, but with that depth starts to show a few dents I kinda missed before Whatever, not gonna loose sleep over it. Ended up with the same texture, but with enough paint put down, it should easily sand back down. So far, I am more less on schedule. I will drop another coat on the roof on Friday, and by Sunday I'll give wetsanding a try. In the meantime, busy prepping everywhere else, welding holes, filling bumps, and lots and lots of sanding.


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