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Originally Posted by NOTORIOUS VR View Post
Why not just send an SMS? Having an extra app to send messages doesn't make any sense. SMS/MMS is built into every phone already.

Why everyone wants to copy BBM with a stupid program is beyond me, you never get the same functionality. If you want BBM, get a BB. You can send pics, voice notes, and messages in real time all over the world for free and all totally secure/encrypted.

You just cannot beat a BB when it comes to communication. The phone, txt and email part of the BB cannot be surpassed by any phone out there. Yes it lacks in the app department compared to the eyephone, but it is what it is. It seems that everyone with eyephones just wants to see how many apps they can download because it's cool.

Hell I don't even play the stock games on my BB (or any phone I've had) and have actually removed all but one (brickbreaker).
Because not all of us has unlimited txt, and International txting is not cheap.i use wat's up on my N97 to talk to people internationally with iphones,BB, etc..
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