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Gary - thanks man

John - I'll give it a try first. Worst case is sand half of it off and spray the whole car.

Rod - I know I'm letting you guys down ... but like I said, if it doesn't work, it's easy to sand off and paint over. Then at least the car has a decent base of white to spray onto.

I worked a bit on the right side of the car this afternoon. Funny, I thought I did so much, but after standing back and looking at it, I have barely anything to show for. Got all the holes on the right side filled, most are grinded down. I also started to sand out all the dust in the roof, going to buy some new rollers and give it a second coat tomorrow evening. I think that will be the deciding factor if I push on with this chintzy painting method or if I will actually man up and spray it myself.

This is how I left it. I hope there is enough hardener in that, or that will cost me another hour of swearing up and down trying to clean it all up. We'll see tomorrow morning before I go to class.


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