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Rudy just to clarify

first, public question asked on public board, not like I'm answering someones PMs as someone else.

Second I've never said anything I haven't backed up, or said something I don't know about. Your not the end all on advise and wisdom

Third, Trillium Autocross is a club event John is in charge of, but is a club event, and is inflenced by all of us. I am really upset with you attitude as the season was ending, totally just about you, from the whole tire waking thing down to having a second person driving your car to keep the tires warm so you'd have an advantage, or your coment about top 5 at the oakville event and using a half full run sheet.

How about next year you get your ass outa bed and show up a couple hours early and stay till trailer is on the car at every event, and spend most of your time all day helping and being so busy you can't even check your tires all day.
Ya not gonna happen is it??

Fourthly. Yes I took myself out of my board position, you were the first to critize me for doing it, but you really don't get what or why. I don't wish what was going on anyone, and to bring that up on here is about as low as someone can go. B
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