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Originally Posted by richie_s999 View Post
Trevor strait up what the hell is wrong with you? Holy shit your attacking and instigating like crazy outa no were.
Even though I said I was done with this matter, I will respond to you once in this thread since you feel so strongly that I have wronged you in an un-justified way and I can assure you I can justify every remark I made, wheather you like it or not it is the truth.

Please write down what part of my posts you feed was 'attacking' or 'instigating' you in anyway and I will issue you a written apology an retract all my statements if I cannot back it up with my reasons for it.

I do not want you to reply to this post, instead write it down and we'll speak like mature adults in person.

I will finish by saying this isn't out of no where, I've just held my fingers (or tongue as the expression goes) for far too long. That and I am in Sweden for business and can't sleep.
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