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Originally Posted by richie_s999 View Post

Seriously rude.

I've backed up everything I've stated on here, and honestly thought I was being quite polite in sugesting to Terry that doing a school at the GP track would make it easier to be comfortable with the track.

What's with all the "OG" people being so testy.
There is nothing wrong with backing up what you are talking about. But when you don't fully know/understand the subject matter, that's a problem because you start spewing misinformation. Sometimes you just need to learn a point when to shut up and let somebody more qualified speak.

I don't even think I can remember how many times somebody has piped about something and you come and answer the question for them while it wasn't even directed at you at all. It's even happened in this thread! Just like in the AutoX thread... you talk like you've been doing it for years and you run the event. Dude, its John's event, not yours. You aren't even a Board member anymore for crying out loud. LOL like wtf man...

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