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Originally Posted by dble Trouble View Post
I do have a problem with people making unfounded claims because of things they heard from someone else or what not. If someone has never driven Mosport at speed how can they make a comment like it's not safe? Or, that one track is safer than another. That's like saying the hwy 403 is safer than the hwy 404. It's comments like that that get me irritated.
I also wanted to point out that I never said Mosport was not safe. (Again you two arguing made up shit in your head)

I said I too had a 'fear' of Mosport, not because it was anymore safe or dangerous. I believe that is a legitimate fear for anyone to have who understands the track layout and have seen what it can do.

Again condescending comments because you think no one can understand a track until they drive it or take one of your schools......sorry not your schools, BMW CCA Trillium Chapter's.

Never have I pre-judged or question your abilities, I still respect them.
But i'm pretty sure you think I am younger than I really am, know less about cars than i really do or have less education than I really do, maybe you even think i didn't buy my car or, or live with my parents or something.......

My last post on the matter, if you have anything to say speak to me in person.
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