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So yesterday, a few friends came over to help dig into the bodywork. The plan was to chop out any major rust spots, and paint it all up with random paint so it won't rust over winter. What was a quick day job has now turned into a perfection, estimated two week long body makeover in the garage with lots of sandpaper, a few rollers and a can of tremclad. Yeah I said it. But I am very confident I can make this look good.

Richard went to work on taking the car apart. Tore off the door seals, drilled out the rivets in the trims, and lots of odds and ends here and there. Kurt got the easy job taking panels off the car, and scraping what we found was a HUGE puddle of bondo in the right rear quarter. And I was just running around sanding random parts of the car with probably the most worn out piece of sandpaper ever seen...

Here is the car after all the fun and games yesterday afternoon/evening.

This is the right side quarter I bashed out. It took awhile to figure out how to get the huge dent out, but slowly bit by bit, I got the creases and the stress out of the panel and it popped back into shape for the most part. The circled bit was the worst of the area. I started to chop some more pieces out of the bottom of the valance... eww crustyyyyy.

And the roof. That's only one thin coat... Even though it looks shitty in pics via phone, and shitty in person, it's definitely salvageable. I forecast with three coats, it will look great.

Within the next three days I hope to have all the holes and patches welded, and possibly even go as far as cutting the rear fenders for the flares (since I won't need that nice fender lip digging into my tires when the car is lowered).

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