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So I went out to get a sync loss log (see attached picture)
After speaking with Matt Cramer he suggested trying to increase the resistor value on the vr signal from 18k to 25k, and then if that doesn't work, to use the LM1815 circuit that's part of the V1.5 DIYPNP board (which I built the circuit but didn't wire anything up to it).

Anyways I went to change the resistor first because that was easy... I touched the jumper wire for the vr signal and it just popped out of the board! There was a botched solder So I promptly fixed it, confident that would solve my sync loss problem... no such luck, it's still acting exactly the same.

So I'm going to read up a bit more on that LM1815 circuit, since I built the circuit I minus well use it if it works well.
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