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Originally Posted by MaxBell View Post
I couldn't decide whether this should be in the Off Topic or in a Regional thing, but WHATEVER. You don't know anything anyways.

I'm sortof new to Ottawa, and I'm wondering what fun stuff there is to do here in Ottawa with my girl. I don't really like movies, unless it's something off the beaten track. I like theater and bowling and have done about as much walking around sightseeing as one can handle.

I found GO Skydiving in Quebec, but that's almost over for the season. I know we're all going Top Karting, is there anything else that is fun?

Can anyone give some fun lunch/dinner spots? What do you all do on your days off to have fun?

she will love the top of the Merlot expensive but great food!

Not many know that Ottawa has a sky high rotating restaurant

*Note you have till NOV 14th because they are closing the restaurant witch is a total bummer... that place got me laid more then once lol

skating on the canal
nordic spa
Parliament Buildings top of the bell tower tour ( not sure if they do this anymore )
diefenbunker (my personal fav)
ice hotel
Indoor public skating at rinks all around Ottawa on weekdays

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