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So, I am cursed...I'm way past probability for the bad luck i seem to have with this car..

so garage called me at 5:15.. I missed it, they close at 5:30..i'm calling by 6:00, some1 answers, i'm like great they're there a bit late, buddies like No the phone transfers to elsewhere.. ok? ? sorry to bother..but having a hardon, like a kid on christmas morning, for a drive in a straight driving car I decided to get a ride over around 7 on the chance it was parked outside (spare key)..get there & yes its outside..
straight driving car, straight driving car, straight driving car ...get past 80kph and it starts again exactly the same by 100kph my cheeks were shaking! now im not knocking that garage - i didn't talk to anyone yet - they may have not have even aligned it..

just some luck i got eh? been after the steering shake (with different rims) for a few years now, literally..and im not knocking turboready either..striker Helped - changed some front end components that were worn, before motor rebuild (but has no align equipment)...

it occured to me that maybe one of my coils is perhaps a thread lower than the other - cause camber isn't adjustable - but one wheels seems to have a little bit more camber..idK anymore at this point

K gonna go set myself on fire now & go play in traffic, thanks for reading
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