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Originally Posted by dgmorr View Post
I've never been to Mosport, can you explain (I can probably guess a few things)? Thanks.
You're right, there is a few things.

Firstly, that quote was directed towards Terry on a lapping day we both attended. That day in particular, helmets were optional, no marshalls, no EMS, no tow truck, no rules, just go out and drive and do what you want. For experienced drivers, that's a dream. I thoroughly enjoyed that day, actually probably my favorite track day in a long time. However, I've been going to the track for over 15 years and know the ins and outs, dos and don'ts, hell I teach it, so I should. For a newbie, this is a recipe for disaster.

Secondly, if you go off at Cayuga, some of the grassy sections have major dips and dives, hit it sideways and you're flipping over. Not to mention, some of the curbing is too tall, and if hit sideways you go over. The last turn feeding the front straight as a huge concrete wall 12" away from the proper exit of that turn, I can't begin to tell you how many cars I've seen hit that wall.

Mosport, is not necessarily a safer track by the way, but to say it is more dangerous is absolutely unfounded and ludacris. All of Mosports turns have some sort of run off. Some have sand traps to slow you down. Where ever theres a concrete wall except turn 10 there is some sort of "soft barrier" ie tires, hay bales etc. The reason why some find Mosport intimidating is because it is a fast track, so as your skill builds, speeds build through turns and once you have experience only turn 5 are you doing around 80 km/h in a street car, every other turn, 120km/h and up. I go through turn 8 for example at 170km/h ish. Some cannot fathom that until they go for a ride, and then they still can't believe it.

You should come out to our May school next spring and check it out for yourself. I guarantee you one thing, once you do, you'll be hooked for sure!

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