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Stancefactory....more than just Stance!

Had to get my clutch replaced this week on my M3- I sent out a few emails to "unnamed forum sponsors" who failed to respond whatsoever.... not exactly the recipe for business success or referrals in my book..... (end rant)

I emailed Stancefactory~ they got back to me immediately an we set everything up. As I am a working stiff~their extended hours (open till 7pm)
proved to be extremely convenient for me....

What needed to be done was clearly explained to me and work was performed on-time and on-budget as previously quoted....

Long story short- I could not have been more pleased and was out the door
at a fraction of the cost others would charge for this job....

I'm sure nothing will ever go wrong with my M3 again (haha) but if it does without hesitation I know who my one and only call will be made to!

Two huge thumbs up for Stancefactory~thank you very much....maybe you should change your name to Servicefactory!
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