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Stay far far away from Frisby on somerset @ preston for Alignment, If you have anything over stock for a suspension!!

went there first thing in the morning 7:30am...came back with the car after 25mins i'm like wow, but quickly realized something was wrong..

'yeah yor cars got to much camber our laser alignment system doesn't work, etc' translation: we know how to push Factory presets on a system, not actually how to align cars' Then the guy actually asked me why i had it so low! i looked off to the side and said well theres actually alot of people that have them much lower with no issues at all..

so i stopped by a little old shop that i recalled on the way to my girls , Grant street Garage, parkdale near somerset 613. 728-3729.

guy came out looked at the car said the tow looked really off & said we can align it.

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