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Can't wait to do more schools next year!

But I seriously need to be bumped to the fastest group. Otherwise I can't drive flat out. That is how I drive, flat out.

Haha. All jokes aside B Group is going to really bump up the learning level!

Trillium club schools ftw!

I highly recommend this to people who are new to the track and people who have seen a lot of track days. I probably attended 10+ track days before going to a school, thought I just about knew it all. Then went to my first school at shannonville. Probably knocked 5 seconds off my laps.

Then i went to the Mosport GP school. Always wanted to drive there but never had the guts. The school was a way to safely start out there, start fresh with no bad habits.

Now I'm confident enough to attend track days there.

Overall the school made me a much quicker driver just by being smooth rather than "fast". If that makes sense lol

Dakar M3 Track Build Thread

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