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Originally Posted by Jon@Bimmersport View Post
Re-flash the software to stock so it can go to the dealer without getting nailed for software. If you have ANY software besides DINAN good luck with drivetrain problems. Then after its reverted to stock by the ECU tuner, and then go to the dealer and then get re-flashed again by the ECU tuner.
Right, so you're condoning cheating BMW's warranty program. If you choose to modify a car that is under warranty, then you need to be prepared to play by the rules and possibly let your warranty go. If you don't want to take that risk and pay out of pocket you don't mod the car until it is out of warranty.

What you guys fail to see is the reality of this market OUTSIDE Maxbimmer. Sascha the reality of it is, he is not the only one like this...I will bet my whole life on it. Due to this reality for the majority of people the "proper" ECU tune doesn't matter because half of these cars are LEASED. Don't you love the way this system works?
Jon, I don't fail to see anything. You are the one that is arguing blind.

The only thing I came in here to argue is that piggybacks are not the way to tune a car. They alter signals and trick the computer to do things it's not supposed to. People that develop these units do so because they're not smart enough to crack the ECU and properly tune the tables. So to get ahead they fool the ECU and go around all safeguards to get an end result.

What difference does it make if a car is leased or bought?

In case you didn't realize, BMW canada is heaviliy involved with online forums - thats why Mike from Maranello is even on here. Thats why Tischer gives M3forum and E46fanatics special discounts. BMW is well aware of this, its why the new BMW's now have TUNER PROTECTION. Good luck to all the tuners, except Dinan.
Tuner protection? what are you talking about? You mean ECU security to prevent flashing? That is nothing new BTW.

And you keep talking about Dinan as if BMW keeps your original warranty intact just because you have a Dinan tune. This is NOT true. I guess you've never read their warranty TOS.

KINKY I'd advise not posting anything if its besides tuning, as you can see this thread is just a fire being fueled constantly. As you can see, its like a turf war back in Compton. lol
That clown wont come back here because of what I posted, I'm not sure why you're getting all friendly with him. It's obvious since he created a "new" account instead of using his real username one the other forums he frequents he just came here to talk smack.

I saw him read this thread shortly after my first reply to him yesterday, he was online and reading it but didn't reply since.
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