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Originally Posted by Jon@Bimmersport View Post
Re-flash the software to stock so it can go to the dealer without getting nailed for software. If you have ANY software besides DINAN good luck with drivetrain problems. Then after its reverted to stock by the ECU tuner, and then go to the dealer and then get re-flashed again by the ECU tuner.

. BMW is well aware of this, its why the new BMW's now have TUNER PROTECTION. Good luck to all the tuners, except Dinan.
I don't think Dinan is the only tuner that has figured out the anti-tuning. If they were, I would not be able to tune the 2010 cars, and I have. That's why I pay a lot of money for the annual subscription for updates to my tuning tool.

And Mike from Maranello is working for a franchisee, I doubt BMW Canada even likes the fact that he was offering low prices. I heard that one other dealer's parts dept. was not happy with his low prices and was going to complain, and I bet that is why he is no longer offering the great deals he had earlier this year.

Anyway, if customers wanted to pay $1200 for a tune, I could supply a cable that would let them reflash their car anytime they wanted.
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