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"I have more respect and class than you will ever have. Your just cause we can afford the finer things in life while sitting on a 6 figure paying job.
This is why some of us don't even bother coming on this forum anymore, a lot of you guys are just internet tough and the amount of shit talking that goes around here is child's play. "

wow ya you have such class!

6 figures you say, I must respect you, you sir, don't have a clue, there are janitors at my work making that, and that's in no way talking disrespect to anyone who is a janitor, and b4 u ask for proof, it's printed in the papers yearly. What a stuck up snob you must be, thinking that with 6 figures put you above others, what are you one of the elite with a seat in a goverment bomb shelter for 2012???

The reason those people don't come around is cause their not gonna have their egos stroked which they need cause they are insecure and that's why they have to look better then others. I know alot of people who make way more then 6 figures who would never act or say the things you have.

But then again, they have class, which is something you obviously know nothing about!
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