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Originally Posted by KINKY View Post
Grow up. How old are we now? Still using the words "douchebag and cocklips"? Still in your teenage years huh?
Yep that's it. You got me all figured out. Next time you decide to call someone an asshole, don't be surprised when they come back at you.

I have more respect and class than you will ever have. Your just cause we can afford the finer things in life while sitting on a 6 figure paying job.
This is why some of us don't even bother coming on this forum anymore, a lot of you guys are just internet tough and the amount of shit talking that goes around here is child's play.
LOL! GTFO clown. Coming to brag to people they don't know on a web forum? What a winner you are. You know people like you aren't new, bragging about things they don't have or pretending to be someone they aren't. You're not going to impress anyone with your "6 figure paying job"

One reason, "How about Mark D...if my 335I CEL went on and I know its the fuel pump because im using a BT scantool, its now 11pm and BMW roadside assistance will come pick it up now because I have to be somewhere tomorrow and cannot take time off. Will Mark D get out of bed and come reflash? Most likely it will wait for the next day (which is not questionable at all)...however, some people DO NOT want to have to wait, or just simply cannot due to time."

If my HPFP goes, at least I have the tools to take out my piggy and call for Roadside assistance and have it towed to the dealer without them detecting that I am running a tune. I'm 100% sure the dealer will not replace the HPFP if my car had a MarkD tune on it. They weren't even willing to work on my car when I had downpipes let alone having your ecu tampered with.
Reflash for what? Why would you need to reflash?

Admitting on a public forum that you're willing wanting to commit fraud by covering up your modifications so that BMW will cover your ****-up's under warranty. Good job! You know what's funny? It only takes one person to forward this information to a BMW dealer or even BMW Canada, and there goes your warranty. But hey, you're a 6 figure playah right? You should be able to pay for the repairs out of pocket. How's that saying? Gotta pay to play?
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