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It's time for me to chime in here! I've been crazy busy working, I've been missing some of this bickering you kids are having.....has made for an interesting read so far.

In regards to tire warming: it is stated in the rule book "that there is to be no tire warming what so ever." That said, the rules will NOT be changed with one/two events to go let alone mid season. Changing the rules that will give one competitor a bigger advantage over another cannot be considered. All participants are allowed to put whatever type of rubber they so choose on their car. PAX will take care of classifying etc.

I've read a couple of interesting comments in some earlier posts that are not quite correct. Firstly, R compounds ARE very sensitive to heat. So, as they warm up, they get grippier, but cold are like hockey pucks.
Secondly, All seasons are not affected by cold temps above 7 degrees celsius, but below are. However, they are NOT affected as much as R's are.
Thirdly, A comps heat up incredibly quickly, by the 3rd or 4th manoeuver, heat is already applying more grip into the rubber hence providing more grip, which is why they are the choice of autocrossers.
Fourth, I do not believe it to be a safety hazard, since like anything else, you drive to the amount of grip you have at the moment, not to the amount of grip you could have if it was warmer. Meaning, if your tires aren't working for you because of the cold, slow down.

A couple of tricks that require work on your behalf but DOES WORK surprisingly well, after your run put blankets or anything that could insulate your tires from getting cold. Not tire warmers as those are also illegal, but nothing in the rule book says anything about keeping the tires warm once they've been warmed by running!


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