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Originally Posted by rider-. View Post
ok so i looked into it further and the transmission on 330s is different.. its a getrag 320 whereas on 320s and 325's there is a getrag 250. the 320 is built with different specs. and the output flange is a completely different mechanism then the one on the 250. Since you are swapping from a 330 you are mint in that sense.

Now seeing as you have a 330. You have the same style driveshaft as the m3. Therefore, since your transmission is staying in the same place, the front side of your shaft to center bearing will stay the same. For the rear side, the m3 shaft will work because the diff to center bearing length will be the same, so those are the 2 shafts you need, the 330 shaft you have and the m3 shaft.... and it should work.
doesn't work, the only way that would work, is if the car had a 6spd gearbox off a zhp or something. If you use the M3 driveshaft rear portion it is still wrong length.
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