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I have the same car as you

Its a 91 gold 4 door, anyway I think those look sweet!!!! what kind are they? also to fit a rim like that on an e30 is next to imposible, without using spacers. no matter what wheel you find I can bet you the off set will be wrong, unless you get a custom offset made. See for some reason our e30's have a 4*100 bolt pattern which is a front wheel drive pattern. the older ford mustangs are like this aswell, I guess you could fit a mustang rim if you really did'nt want spacers. Im running on a konig Image wheel, they are 18's and I only use a 5mm spacer and longer lugs with a +38 offset. Hope this helps.

P.S ya the centers of those rims look off because there a 5 bolt not a 4

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