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Ikea and everything Quack posted is overpriced in Canada.

Drive to USA and shop in Ikea there, things there are actually made in Sweden, not China like here. I vowed to myself that anything over $100 I'm buying in the US. The savings and quality are astounding.

I went to Target one day and saw a mini fridge for $50, yes $50. 2 days later I went to wal mart in Montreal (there are only like 2 walmarts in the whole province) and cheapest fridge was $120. So lets add 50+8% ny sales tax + HST that you pay at the border = $62!! vs. $120+HST=135.

And you get to drive to US (30 minutes for me with 10 minutes wait at the border+another 20 minute drive to Plattsburgh) and make a mini road trip out of it. A whopping 100 km!

It's such a no brainer. A sample of stuff I could never find in Canada that I bought last week:
-a quality can opener $3.99. A same price can opener here was a complete disaster.
-a quality potato masher $2.99. Every single one I saw here was plastic and broke within a month of ushing it.
-a decent stainless steel frying pan $25. Would be at least $40 here
-a 1080p 42" SANYO LCD tv for $489.

I openly said to Canadian customs that they are ripping me off in Canada and I will be going down to the US, and I was laughing all the way home while they took the $70 for HST for the TV. Because I knew for a fact this same tv will cost me at least twice here.So next time I need some shelves or a kitchen island or drapes. guess where I am going. Not to Ikea 20 minutes from my house in Longueuil but to the US.

Thanks Canada for the decent economy and socialism and healthcare and cheap rent, but I think you're taking your cake and eat it too when you think you can coerce me into paying more money for shit.

This applies more to Montreal though, since there is way less competition from retailers, we get shit selection and shit prices. Toronto is just as bad, even though there is much more competition, the only thing is happening is the competition causes others to rip you off less. Anyway, my advice is, shop in the US if you care about your money and quality of your product.

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