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Originally Posted by HavocSteve View Post
Have to remember that it's basically an economy car lol. The dodge line up with the R/T badge is where you get the performance. Bimbo brakes, sport suspension, bigger engine, better throttle response, ect.. You drive any car really that's worth 20grand compared to a loaded to the tits 70ish grand car. My mom went to Durham Dodge to price out a new Charger R/T. 65k with some change. The car was a rocket, and my dad was getting off the off ramp at Stevenson (new off ramp that GM built) at almost 120kp/h lol.
And at that price level there are much more capable well built vehicles that make the Charger look like shit. These "muscle" cars need 500+hp just to get their huge mass moving at a reasonable enough speed to call them fast.
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