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Originally Posted by craz azn View Post
Haha, yessir. 2.7, 10.1 compression, M30 afm/stock box/custom funnel, headers, 12lb flywheel, and MarkD chippy which I just recently had put back in for the Sept AutoX.

I so badly want to make a 3+ liter M20, but plans changed... I want a new(er) car. Too bad, all I needed was a cam and pistons, and I would have had all the pieces to the puzzle to put a strong engine together.
build the motor and put it in your 2002.

I got some future plans for a 2.8+ L stroker M20 with ITBs... right now I'm thinking I'll start collecting parts next year and winter 2011 I'll be starting to build it. We'll see.
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