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i thought the same thing for a while, i love the feel of my e46, heavy, tight, and a rough ride awesome around the corners... but then finally test drove a 335ci which is softer, less harsh, lost that solid "stuck to the road" feel i got so used to in an e46 sedan and coupe.. of course it's personal everyone's driving experience is based on your own feel..

personally, the e46 starts to show its ages and repair costs pile up.. besides, it's hard to find those solid built cars, the e46, the old 5 series, these cars were built with quality, the interior is solid, the doors nice and heavy, just looks and feels like time was taken to put it all together, now everything is just cheap plastic looking garbage, light weight... terrible.. and it seems all the german cars are guilty of this.. the m3 interior is lame, i actually liked the interior of a 335ci (IS) i saw at maranello, the m3 was not flattering at all, like they forgot to put the final touches on it, even the new 5 series what a huge disappointment, the interior is so sad, cheap ass plastic everywhere the previous model killed this one, and the one before was the king of the road. sure the engines are good blahh blahh and they are fast cars, but seriously, i agree with that dudes comment, they're trying to sell to masses, not just the "enthusiasts" who appreciate that "BMW feel".. which sadly is disappearing..

end of the day, the z4mcoupe is more exciting than the 335ci.. this is an easy choice, at least the z4 doesnt feel like every other car on the market.. tin can, too smoothe and super light steering...

but let's all face the music, you'll drive a BMW, no matter how many problems they have or how disappointing they can be sometimes, you just dont get that "BMW feeling" inside in any other car.. well at least for me.. through experience, drove a benz for a while and got bored, the e46 still gives me goosebumps

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