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Simple, it will not be as desirable as a canadian car when you resell it as the buyer would not pay the same money for a car if he/she could bring it from states for less. Cars in states cost less, correct ? we all know that, so what if I told you I can sell you a US car for the price of a canadian. would you do it? I think not. Thats why people are forced to lower their prices when selling US cars here so that their car can at least stand the competition. The fact of the matter is that NO ONE will buy a US car for the price of an equal mileage and condition Canadian car.

And a comment about E9x, yes in my opinion they are cheap "stylish" looking cars that were made so that BMW can make a tonne of money on sales. They were built to "please" all kind of public and BMW completely forgot the whole idea behind their product. I call E9x chicks cars with the exception of the M3, because the whole "soft car feel" has been introduced in order to please the public so that they can sell and make money. Did anyone of you ever drove or at least rode in a E9x non-m? Even the all so all mighty 335i is pretty sh1t, it feels heavy and just not right. Sure its pretty fast but overall its NOT a car for an enthusiast, no way. Its for the general public. Garbage.

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