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Trade your 2.93 LSD for my 3.25 LSD

I want a lower ratio for my turbo build. I currently have a 3.25 LSD from an E28 in there. It's the ideal ratio for a DOHC swap with the 1:1 5th E36 gearboxes (pretty much same ratio as used in the E36 M3). Nice gain in torque over the 2.93 but you keep decent highway revs over something like a 3.46 (I won't even mention 3.73+, I wouldn't even use that at the track with these transmissions).

Diff for diff, no wrenching. If you get an E28 diff you'd have to swap the diff cover and flanges, I'll give you mine since I will need the bigger flanges with my new rear end.

PM me what you've got, condition and mileage. The 3.25 is a far more desirable ratio so I'd want a pretty clean/fresh 2.93.
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