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Originally Posted by grapebimmer View Post
Why are you slagging MarkD? Very unprofessional !

Besides, his time and location are flexible, especially in the GTA. His software is top-notch and world renown... He's not the only option that's viable, that's true... slag, is bad. Bad Bimmersport, Bad!


I am not slagging Mark...we used to deal with MarkD as a shop, and know many people who have to meet with him during off business hours just to READ the file, then another X amount of time to tune it. Just posting personal experience like yourself (please don't ask me to post it). Mark is a smart individual in this industry and I will leave it at that...but just stating facts to prospective customers. I don't see the problem as what I am posting is unwritten facts.

You are saying his time is flexible, that's great however where did you see in the history of all these posts even before about the e90 that it is a place that you can go to or I am available from this timing during these days? I know we are a shop, but many of my customers do meet me/get support off business hours as well. Unfortunately, some fail to realize that we also have personal lives (and opinions) and am not at your disposal. Put yourself in someone elses shoes. How about Mark D...if my 335I CEL went on and I know its the fuel pump because im using a BT scantool, its now 11pm and BMW roadside assistance will come pick it up now because I have to be somewhere tomorrow and cannot take time off. Will Mark D get out of bed and come reflash? Most likely it will wait for the next day (which is not questionable at all)...however, some people DO NOT want to have to wait, or just simply cannot due to time.

I sold a customer an AA piggyback unit, his CEL went on...I was driving down to Miami and I was helping him out via cell phone calls. He took the car back to the shop and we removed it for him, even though I walked him through the removal he did not feel comfortable. You tell me if he was flashed through ANY COMPANY whats gonna happen? He will wait until the tuner is done his vacation to send his car in?

I didn't want this to become what it is now but clearly some of you can't comprehend the intention of providing information to customers or even enthusiasts to know about products offered in today's market.

Forget what I do for work, I've been a member of this community for 8 years and yes it was in highschool and also the beginning of maxbimmer..but I've learned a lot by reading and sharing information with other members through this board and others. I'm just trying to help out the next one in line...whether you have an E30, E90...come alone and leave alone, or come in a group and leave together - you're all the same to me (BMW enthusiasts).

FYI, if you feel that what I am saying is unprofessional, and what was directed to the E90 crowd was...clearly you have no objective but blindly defend your personal experience. Remember, posting your experience is one way to help someone list and show options with pros/cons applied to EVERY company (AA, Dinan, Burger tuning, Vishnu, Mark D) is helping someone out and what the forums are for because my pros and cons are for flashes and piggy backs, not Bimmersport and Mark D.

My original point was not comparing mine to Mark D, but what your trying to make it is another story.

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