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Originally Posted by Jon@Bimmersport View Post
Weren't you selling an SSK kit that is more affordable than competition but almost does the same job? The same reason people bought the SSK from you to get near the same results as a UUC shifter kit/Rogue shifter kit/AA shifter kit is the same reason why people who have the newer BMW's buy the piggy back units. I felt your SSK, does the job...but in my opinion the more expensive products have some advantages (except here the cheaper one has more advantages)...however, if you dont want to spend more than you have to get a similar result - why?

There are some who bought yours, and some who bought the UUC EVO 3 or the AA SSK, or Rogue however - however, both are a great upgrade over stock. Not putting you or your product down...but seriously, you see my point?

I dont know why people get so hung over the whole crowd thing. It doesn't make you look much more mature anyways...but hey to each their own right.
When I first got the kits in, the feed back was I should be charging more, but I decided not to, I have never compaired it to anything else on the market, people who have installed it have, and received many reveiws that it's shorter and nicer then other units. I decided to keep the price where it is because it's made for cars up to the e46, cars going for 5 to 20 grand where it's around the same price as z4 shifter change. It's been used for heavy track and autocross use and never failed. I may have sold more if it was more expensive, I'm sure many buy the others cause of brand name over mine, I go by reputation and word of mouth, that's it.

I never said one of the tunning options was better then the other, nor anything about service at a shop, I'm happy to see customers make options and have so many great shops and services in southren Ontario.

I wasn't so much comenting on what u said but some of the other posts.
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