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I find it funny talking about cost effectiveness in cars owned by guys who on other board have threads showing off their high end wrist watches and home theatres worth as much as there cars!! 99% of newer BMW owners own them for status and not much more, and will buy something based on cost just to say they have modded.

Max may be home to the 1% that actually own their new bmws for the shear pleasure of driving.

I don't want to get to into the whole one is better then the other, but when nodding a 40 to 80 grand car, that they will drop 5000 in rims to look good, what's the point of cheaping out when it comes to ecu tuning? Guess it image and bragging over bubble tea not much more.

And the coment on people driving older bmws being reckless, it the driver not the car, an asshole in an e30 is the same asshole in an e90!
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