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That exhaust header has to come off. The car literally got stuck rolling onto the hoist today. I can't stand that. Raised the car up half an inch for now.

Got some small stuff done today. Got a rad support welded in. Used some rubber grommets from an E30 in the back so it locates the rad at the bottom like stock. Finished a couple patches on the frame rails and gave it some paint so it won't rust.

Yeah, it sticks out the front a little. No big deal, it is covered by the front spoiler anyways.

Just for kicks, I threw on my newest set of BBS wheels I've picked up recently. Had these on the E30 for a week just to try them out, but I think they look best on the 02. I've got some cool plans for these in the future once the car is up and running

With a 6mm spacer up front. This rim is 15x7, et25... now effectively et19. I'd like to run a 20mm, then it would pair well with the other set of wheels I have for the car, but we'll see when I get to that point.


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