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Originally Posted by NOTORIOUS VR View Post
LMAO... I find it hilarious that BMW guys are so hung up on shitty piggyback boxes because most BMW tuners are too lazy to properly offer a TRUE ECU flash. All it is, is that JB + Procede don't have the proper knowledge to tune the stock ECU, and in their greed they release a box that intercepts signals that tricks the ECU into doing things it really shouldn't. All because of $$$, not because of advancing the platform.

Now here you have Mark offering a true tune/flash that doesn't fake signals going to the ECU, and people are getting all defensive.

Get it through your heads, Piggybacks are JUNK! They always have been, and always will be the worst case tuning solution for modern day EFI cars.
Thanks Notorious, it always sounds better if it's not me speaking and promoting my own products and you explained it exactly as I would.

And you should go over to e90 post and see Shiv and Mike "discussing" their products... I guess they will release the next firmware version any day now...

Someone is currently driving around in a 335 6MT and loving it, people will probably see a review from him in a few weeks.

And the 335iS with 7 speed DCT had crowds gathering everywhere it went at the Targa Newfoundland, the owner told me this week that people were asking what was done to it. It came in third, of course the drivers and navigator take the credit there but the software re-flash didn't let them down either and that is a tougher course than most of these guys that just go to the dyno to see if they have 378 or 383 hp.

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