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Originally Posted by NOTORIOUS VR View Post
LMAO... I find it hilarious that BMW guys are so hung up on shitty piggyback boxes because most BMW tuners are too lazy to properly offer a TRUE ECU flash. All it is, is that JB + Procede don't have the proper knowledge to tune the stock ECU, and in their greed they release a box that intercepts signals that tricks the ECU into doing things it really shouldn't. All because of $$$, not because of advancing the platform.

Now here you have Mark offering a true tune/flash that doesn't fake signals going to the ECU, and people are getting all defensive.

Get it through your heads, Piggybacks are JUNK! They always have been, and always will be the worst case tuning solution for modern day EFI cars.
Damn RIGHT you IS!!

This discussion has become pretty funny... IMHO Mark's flashes are world renowned and we're lucky enough to have him in our own backyard (well, the Danforth - souvlaki time).

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