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Thought I'd show you that the GTI is alovew and well too. I'd like to do a shoot of them both before I store the VW lol.

Pink BBS the first! Painted it couple of weeks ago and assembled the wheels with new lips. 17X11 et 25 rear with 3.5" lips.

sus n golf by d.tek, on Flickr

url=][/url]S&P 3 by DeathLens, on Flickr

Here's a few from Vagkraft of the BMW, decided to hold off on bagging it until the spring.

DSC_4079.jpg by Ryan_Tir, on Flickr

In the pink by Ryan_Tir, on Flickr

Rawr!! by Ryan_Tir, on Flickr


I'm looking into finding side skirts and bumper/lips for the BMW, any suggestions?
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